Aerial view of a farm featuring red barn buildings, silos, and expansive green and brown fields. The farm is surrounded by a few scattered trees and additional buildings in the background with a roadway running nearby. The scene is lit by soft daylight.

Crumpled paper texture in shades of off-white and beige. The surface displays numerous creases and folds, creating a rugged and uneven appearance. The lighting accentuates the texture, highlighting the various depths and angles of the crumpled material.

As a family-owned business, we stand proud alongside local harvesting facilities and Midwest farmers as they lead the way in establishing sustainable agriculture and ensuring animal welfare. We are always thinking about the greater good, and we care for our community. The heartland is our home.

Since 1979, our sister company, WG Biomedical, has been a leader in animal tissue sourcing for research, medical, pharmaceutical, and biological education. These products further the use of livestock tissue and contribute to sustaining human life.