WG Provisions was founded by Marv Walter in 1979. Marv was a remarkable individual known for his visionary spirit, entrepreneurial drive, and love for meat.

Marv earned a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science in 1962 and a Master’s degree in Meat Science in 1964 from Iowa State University. As a student, he was an active participant in ISU’s Livestock and Meat Judging teams.

Marv’s professional journey took him to various roles within the American Meat Industry and as a floor trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Alongside his partners, Marv ventured into entrepreneurship, founding 30 businesses that showcased his innovative spirit.

He held prominent leadership roles, and served as the director of the American Meat Institute and the US Meat Export Federation. Marv’s contributions were recognized through prestigious awards, including being named the 1989 Iowa Small Business Person of the Year and induction into the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association Hall of Fame. Later, he earned other accolades, such as the 2008 Certified Angus Beef Commitment to Integrity Award and induction to the Meat Industry Hall of Fame.

Marv was also a generous philanthropist. He supported organizations like Alpha Gamma Rho and 4H, and his commitment to his alma mater was evident through a $1.5 million donation towards the Hansen Ag Learning Center at ISU.

Throughout his lifetime, Marv remained dutifully committed to excellence. He laid the foundation of WG Provisions. We honor it today.

Darren Dies, current president, has held his position at WG Provisions since 1996. His leadership brought us a fresh new perspective and a ceaseless wealth of innovation.

Just like Marv, he earned an Animal Science degree at Iowa State University. After graduation, he moved to Chicago, where he worked for one of the largest meat manufacturers in the country. He returned home to Iowa 9 years later, and joined Marv as a business partner in 1996.

Darren’s time in Chicago provided him with a diverse background. He was hired as a management trainee, and worked in quality assurance and product development. Darren saw tremendous opportunities for WG Provisions within the food service and retail markets, and helped build the company to what it is today.

He helped test, create, and develop our wide range of Smokehouse products, including our famous Double-Smoked Brisket. As Darren likes to call it, our RTE Smokehouse products are “no-brainer barbecue”.

His eye for innovation didn’t stop there. He helped produce The Perfect Pig, recognized a market need for rabbit meat, and introduced heat post-pasteurization to our safety protocols. All this said, Darren’s relentless pursuit of innovation extends beyond these accomplishments. He remains vigilant in seeking out new opportunities, eager to provide the best for our clients every single day. His dedication to the industry earned him recognition as a “Rising Star” by Meat Processing magazine in 2004.

As we look to the future, we are inspired by Marv’s legacy and guided by Darren’s vision. Our family is committed to upholding the standards of excellence and innovation that define WG Provisions. Together, we honor the past, embrace the present, and pave way for a future that reflects the pioneering spirit of our founder.

A black-and-white photo showing two men standing side by side. The man on the left is dressed in a chef's uniform, and the man on the right is wearing a polo shirt and glasses. They are posing in a busy indoor setting with various plants and boxes in the background.
Two men are holding a "Certified Angus Beef" plaque together. The person on the left is wearing a light-colored long-sleeve shirt and glasses, while the man on the right is in a suit and tie. The background includes a wall with a patterned design. The image is in black and white.

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  • A man and a woman are standing side by side in front of a blue wall with a sign that reads
  • A worker wearing a white coat, white helmet, and face mask is stacking boxes labeled
  • A meat processing facility in Iowa, operated by WG-Provisions, with workers in white coats and hard hats, surrounded by stacks of boxed poultry and hanging meat carcasses. The room has bright overhead lights and industrial stainless steel equipment.
  • A group of 14 people, wearing white coats, hairnets, and black boots (one person has yellow boots), stands on a red floor inside the WG-Provisions facility in Iowa. Most have their hands behind their backs or in front of them as they pose for the photo against the sterile, white-walled background.
  • Multiple metallic racks filled with smoked meat, arranged in a vertical industrial-style setup. The meat appears dark and glossy, with a distinct smoky texture indicative of a slow and thorough cooking process. The background shows the clean walls of WG-Provisions' Iowa kitchen or processing area.
  • Close-up of several large, dark brown cuts of brisket, heavily charred and smoked, resting on metal racks inside a WG-Provisions commercial smoker in Iowa. The meat showcases a well-developed crust from the smoking process.

Our Culture

Marv Walter created an environment where people felt valued, supported, and part of a larger family. His commitment to community engagement left an unforgettable mark on those fortunate enough to be part of his professional circle. Today, Marv’s legacy lives on. His good character still shapes our company’s ethos, and we’ll always prioritize our employees’ wellbeing—they’re our family, after all.