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Heritage from the Heartland

WG Provisions stands proud as a family-owned, customer-focused, midwestern meat company, building a legacy founded by Marv Walter in 1979, and continuing it today with Darren Dies. Our dedication to world-class meats, food safety, and relationships is unwavering. We’re more than a business; we’re a family of agricultural experts committed to the finest meat products, ensuring every customer experiences the confidence and comfort of impeccable quality.

Our reputation is grounded in tradition and excellence. Under Darren’s guidance, we blend time-honored practices with contemporary innovation, ensuring our commitment to maintaining the highest standards and adapting to our customers’ needs. Each product that leaves our facility represents our dedication to excellence, from conscious sourcing to meticulous processing, making WG Provisions a trusted partner in premium small-batch meat products.

The original founders of WG-Provisions back in 1979.
The family and original founders of WG-Provisions back in 1979.
A rustic dish features roasted meat seasoned with herbs, served in a yellow-handled pan on a wooden surface. A garlic bulb and sprigs of fresh thyme lie beside the pan, while cutlery with saw-like edges is positioned on the left. The lighting is dim and moody.

Premium Rabbit

A roasted whole pig with a shiny, glazed exterior is placed on a platter, surrounded by decorative greens, red leaves, and cherry tomatoes. The background features wooden paneling, indicating a warm, rustic setting.

Whole Roasting Pigs

A person slices through a perfectly cooked, juicy brisket. The rich, dark bark of the brisket contrasts with the tender, pink interior. Steam rises from the meat, emphasizing its freshness and warmth. The scene suggests a delicious, smoky flavor.

Certified Angus Beef

WG-Provisions founder is holding a "Certified Angus Beef" plaque together. The person on the left is wearing a light-colored long-sleeve shirt and glasses, while the man on the right is in a suit and tie. The background includes a wall with a patterned design. The image is in black and white.
Three men in front of a W&G marketing company sign.


Founded on quality, our carefully sourced and handcrafted meat products surpass expectations through strict processing standards and a commitment to the highest level of food safety.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is only a call away. Our friendly service provides quick, sincere solutions with a human touch.


For over 45 years, we’ve provided a consistent product and experience, every order, every time.

Honest Partner

We’re dependable neighbors with a loyal customer base, embodying the warmth of the Midwest.

Small Batch

We offer creative, innovative, personalized solutions through our handcrafted care and attention to detail.


As a family-owned business, we prioritize trust, honesty, and the customer relationship. We’re rooted in family values while embracing the future.

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