Quality Since 1979

About WG Provisions

Founded in 1979, WG Provisions has provided high quality meats, life-improving biomedical products, and business-building order fulfillment services. Our exclusive meats include: roasting pigs, rabbits, specialty meats, and fully cooked meats such as smoked brisket, shredded beef, and pulled pork.

For over 40 years, our company has offered quality products and exceptional service proven by our loyal, long-standing customers. We create relationships that deliver the consistent quality and service needed to overcome our customers’ challenges. We’re eager to go to work for you!

small batch. full flavor.

We are known for our flagship smoked brisket, shredded beef, pulled pork, pork carnitas, ribs, and beef barbacoa. These products are the result of decades of dedication to creating consistently excellent flavors and evolving to exceed your expectations.
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home of the perfect pig.

Our roasting pigs are the best you can buy. We pride ourselves on our roasting pigs being perfect, in their look and their taste! We are the leading harvester of premium roasting pigs in the United States. Our pigs are selected from family farms in the heart of Iowa to ensure the finest, consistent quality available.
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animal tissue sourcing specialist since 1980.

Our company is your animal tissue sourcing specialist for research, pharmaceutical products, medical procedures , or educational purposes. Located in the heart of livestock country, we are the leader in providing animal tissues such as porcine aortas, bovine aortas, porcine thyroid, bovine thyroid, porcine heart valves and various other bovine, porcine, sheep and goat animal tissues.
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Quality Since 1979

What sets WG Provisions apart?


As a relatively small company, WG Provisions has the process flexibility and empowered employees needed to truly go above beyond for customers. We give all customers the individual attention they deserve by knowing their challenges and preferences, and exceeding their expectations every day.


We only source meat from the finest-quality, ethically raised, healthy animals. Our red meat, poultry and rabbits are raised by farmers who are dedicated to the ethical production of the safest, finest meat in the world.


WG Provisions owns and operates modern USDA federally inspected slaughtering and processing plants in Jewell and Sidney, Iowa. Food safety is our unquestioned highest priority.  We follow the stringent Global Food Safety Initiative and are SQF certified.

experienced team

Our management team has combined experience in animal and meat sciences to develop, produce, and market innovative high-quality value-added red meat, poultry, and rabbit products. We have chef knowledge and understand the specialty meat experience from farm to table. WG Provisions is our livelihood, and providing quality products and service is our passion.