Roasting Pigs

Perfection in your Pig Roast

Our roasting pigs are the best you can buy! We pride ourselves in our Fire Pit Pigs being perfect in both their look and their taste, our pig perfection. We are the leading harvester of premium roasting pigs in the United States. Our pigs are chosen by customers who appreciate our craftsmanship and attention to detail in the harvest process. Some may say we are old school and outdated, but our hand processing provides our customers with pig perfection. You will not find a better looking roasting hog anywhere in the country!

Iowa is America's leading pork producing state, giving our company the opportunity to get you the best premium roasting pigs in the market. Our pigs are selected from family farms in the heart of the Midwest to ensure the finest, consistent quality available. Our pigs do not travel far from the farm to our USDA inspected harvest facility in southwest Iowa. Every hog comes from Midwest family farms where producers take great pride in raising the finest, most flavorful, quality pork in the world.


Impressive Flavor and Presentation

Our dressed pigs are perfect for the traditional Hawaiian luau, ethnic barbecue, fine dining, barbecuing on the grill, roasting on the rotisserie, pig roast, or any other way you can think of! The skin is left on to help enhance product juiciness and to provide an impressive center piece presentation. The front and hind legs are tied up under the carcass prior to freezing, providing you or your chef a product suitable for roasting and serving. See the difference. Taste the difference. Order your pig perfection today!

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Our Roasting Pigs

  • Available fresh or frozen

  • Vacuum sealed (smaller pigs) or poly bagged, and boxed.

  • Bulk packed in 10 lb. increments from 10 to 150 lbs.

  • Customized programs are available upon request.

  • We can also assist in making shipping arrangements for either domestic or export destinations.


Under 10











Poly-bagged & boxed

Animal Welfare

Given we are one of the nation's leading processor of roasting pigs, we take the treatment of animals very seriously. We partner with trucking companies, truck drivers, and plant employees in attempt to meet or exceed our standards of animal welfare. Our plant animal welfare handling procedures are monitored daily by the USDA FISIS. In addition, our plant is annually audited by nationally recognized independent auditors to ensure guidelines are met or exceeded.

Our Pigs have traveled the world! Take a look!


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