Welcome to the Smokehouse!

Delivering Quality and Taste

Decades of dedication to craftsmanship and meticulous detail come through in every bite of our smoked and other fully cooked pork, beef, and poultry products. Our smoked brisket, shredded beef, shredded pork, beef barbacoa, pork carnitas, shredded chicken, and ribs are ready to heat-and-serve.

In addition to having our own smoked and fully cooked meats, we would be happy to create a unique product just for you! Our team has years of experience in creating tastes and textures that exceed your expectations. We partner with customers to prepare, package, and deliver in the most convenient and successful way possible. Our team looks forward to customizing our offering to fit your unique needs!

Interested in trying some of our Smokehouse Meats?


Safety First & Foremost

Everyone at WG Provisions treats every product we make as if it was headed for our family dinner table. Our commitment to food safety first and foremost is confirmed by our independent third-party audits, SQF certification, and personal attention. We keep meticulous records of safety throughout our operations and follow stringent HACCP approved processing procedures and we use state of the art technology to ensure food safety. We’re happy to take you on a tour of our facilities and will provide quality assurance staff to ensure compliance to your quality and food safety standards.


Cooked Pork, Beef, and Poultry: At The Center Of Great American Meals

The WG Provisions family takes pride in delivering the finest meats that bring flavor and enjoyment to celebrations, commemorations, events, and occasions of all types. Our facilities feature a large-scale hickory smokehouse, and our expert staff can customize our seasonings and marinade blend to fit each customers unique requirements.

Our Smokehouse Brand

Our delicious Smokehouse products are made the traditional way using only the finest meats and ingredients and with close attention to detail and minimal processing. WG Provisions currently offers Smokehouse brand meat shredded OR pulled in natural juice or barbecue sauce, whole briskets sliced or unsliced, smoked briskets, pork and beef ribs, and smoked pork butts. These products are also available for private label or co-packing opportunities.

Creating Unique Flavors

We combine our close relationships and staff expertise with many spice and sauce companies to develop whatever flavor profile you desire. Furthermore, we have the capability to smoke, cook, marinate, tumble, shred, slice, and dice most items and to vacuum package the product to our customers’ specifications. Any special sauce or spice flavor recipe we create for you will remain strictly confidential and never be shared with other clients.

Certified Angus Beef® Processor

WG Provisions has been a Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) processor of valued-added products for nearly 20 years. With that, You know you’re getting the finest Angus beef product available. Check out our smoked brisket and shredded beef today!