Select Choice Goats

Select Choice Goats


Your High-Quality Source for Roasting Goats

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Goat meat has the reputation for healthfulness, with fewer calories and fewer grams of fat than beef and chicken. Demand for goat meat is growing, driven by ethnic groups already accustomed to eating goat. In many Hispanic, Caribbean, African, and Middle Eastern diets goat meat is a staple.

Our domestically raised, USDA-inspected goat meat satisfies the growing demand at white tablecloth restaurants and various ethnic markets and holiday celebrations. We hand select choice grade, heavy muscled meat goats for the following options:

Product List

Cabritos (Platter Style)
-Whole, legs tied underneath, head removed, skinless, boxed
-2 goats per box
10-15 lbs/15-20 lbs
-Whole, legs extended, head removed, skinless, boxed
-2 goats per box
20-27 lbs/30-35 lbs
6 Way Boat Pack (GP)
-2 shoulders, 2 loins, 2 legs
-All 6 pieces in one box
35-45 lbs


Ready For the Barbecue or Roasting

  • Available fresh or frozen
  • Choice grade or higher
  • Heavy muscled
  • Humane handling
  • Gas flushing and vacuum-sealing available
  • USDA federally inspected
  • Harvested at Peak Age for the quality desired by the finest chefs